Kedu Polymers Industries BV develops and supplies materials for the automotive industry, in compliance with TS 16949. The selection of engineering plastics in the automotive has reduced the weight per car dramatically, which contributed in lower fuel consumption per km. We deliver and develop high quality engineering plastics for exterior; interior and under the hood applications. Each application with its own demanding requirements due to temperature; UV –resistance or heat resistance in combination with chemical resistance.


For exterior parts we developed at Polymer Compounders Ltd a wide range of special compounds, based on PC/ASA for extreme good UV-, and weather resistance and excellent colour stability. The latest development is our ASA-COM™ PC/ASA which is colour compounded and does not need any painting afterwards. For more information please contact us.

For connectors in the automotive we have a wide range of Britamid® high-heat PA66/6 Glass-fibre filled and UL94-V0 grades with excellent processing behaviour. Our latest development is our new flame retardant UL94-V0 halogene-free and phosphorous free.


Our wide range of high heat ABSCOM™ ABS and our PCABS-COM™ PC/ABS meet the stringent and demanding requirements of high end automotive brands.  

Under the bonnet:

In this environment of high heat in combination with many chemicals we have a wide range of materials that fulfil these requirements, from high-heat PA66/6 glasfiber filled and flame retardant grades up to high performance polymers like Torelina® PPS from Toray.
If you have any questions or developments in this area than please do not hesitate to contact.