Industrial applications contains a wide variety of products. An example of this is internal transport systems, also called conveyor systems. These can be TPU impregnated band systems as well as injection molded segments that are connected to each other; Covers for power tools, handles for tools. For all these applications, Kedu Polymers Industries has materials that ensure that the requirements set to these applications are also met.

For conveyor systems we have developed Polyamides that are Glass fibre reinforced and comply with FDA-regulations. In addition, we have various TPEs like the Megol AM product group, this is an adhesion modified SEBS, especially suitable for 2K injection molding. The adhesion modified Megol guarantees excellent adhesion to Polyamide; PC / ABS and even POM. In addition, we have TPU microgranules for thermal impregnation of fibers for conveyor belts. Through the micro-pellets, this TPU is simply distributed over surface for optimal processing.

For hand tools and housings of powertools we have developed the L001 PA6 / PP G30. This is a combination of Polyamide 6 with a PP where 30% glass fibers were added for extra strength. The PP in combination with the PA6 provides an ideal combination of both materials. The strength of PA6 and the impact resistance of PP, it also ensures minimal moisture absorption, which also keeps it in shape.