Kedu Polymers presenteert zich dit jaar weer op de Kunststoffenbeurs in Veldhoven. 

Kedu Polymers Industries BV werkt samen met TNO en andere bedrijven uit de kunststoffen industries aan het project "Recyclen van Thermo Plastische composieten"



Meets the latest ATEX certification requirements.

Kedu Polymers Industries BV launches together with Polymer Compounders Ltd a new ABS grade for electronic housings used in explosive environments. ABSCOM MS170AX is an inhouse developed, High impact grade, which was formerly used in industrial safety helmets. The material has low surface and volume resistivity of < 109 Ω to meet the latest ATEX certification requirements. Without acting as a Faraday Cage thus allowing radio signals for GPS and Bluetooth to enter and exit the case body.


Kedu Polymers Industries BV presenteert zich ook dit jaar weer op de FAKUMA 2020 in Hal B5 op stand nummer 5315.