About Kedu Polymers

Welcome to Kedu Polymers Industries B.V

Kedu Polymers Industries B.V. supplies engineering thermoplastics for the plastic industry. We work closely with our suppliers, so that we can always deliver excellent quality and service. The vast majority of our materials have been developed and produced on customer specifications.
We represent: Polymer Compounders Limited for all ABS; PC; PC / ABS and PC / ASA compounds: standard grades, high flowing and flame retardant grades in compliance with UL-94. API SPA for all TPEs (SEBS, SBS, OBC, TPU, TPO, TPV); BTPolymers for PA6 and PA66 and the copolymers PA66 / 6, both unfilled and glass-filled and flame retardant grades; Mitsubishi for standard Polycarbonate (Jupilon) and POM (Jupital). Toray for PPS; PBT and SAN. Engineering chemicals for Supernova Cleaning Granulate and Booster.
For special developments in the field of hygiene, we represent the Steritouch company the manufacturer of antibacterial additives. These additives have been developed to prevent the growth of harmful organisms such as bacteria; fungi etc. stop and even destroy and yet is safe for the most sensitive applications.
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Notoxicom B6000
Notoxicom B6000 a halogen Free FR PC/ABS.
Due to our background and experience and the dedication of our suppliers, each of whom is an expert in his field, we serve every market in which plastics are used, including: the consumer market in, for example, strollers and food storage boxes; Electrical applications such as housings; Construction and constructions; conveyor belts (conveyor belts) etc.
If you have any questions about the use of plastics in general or if you have a project please feel free to contact us by calling or by sending an e-mail to us.