POLYABSCOM resins are high value added, impact resistant and amorphous PC/ABS blends, in which the best of both worlds are combined. POLYABSCOM PC/ABS blends provide excellent processing behaviour of the ABS in combination with the excellent mechanical properties of the polycarbonate over a wide temperature range of -30°C upto 140°C peak temperature.

ASACOM resin group is a high impact  PC/ASA-blend with superior weatherability and UV-resistance characteristics.  ASACOM PC/ASA provides excellent processing characterisitics.

ABSCOM® is our registered trade name for ABS products, compounds of Acrilonitrile, Butadiene and Styrene. ABS resins are opaque, glossy, rigid with good low temperature properties and dimensional stability. By playing on the proportion of the main components and by adding additives such as flame retardant, heat and UV stabilisers and various pigments we are able to deliver a range of products to suit your needs.